Sunday, September 6, 2009



  1. I first saw Mary's work when I was vacationing in Sedona in Sepbember at this beautiful Quillt store. Ms. Jardine's work left me in awe, for lack of a better discription. Very innovating, refreshing, and amazing. As a textile artist myself who loves creating art quilts I hope to some day aspire to her level of creativity! 3 dementional fabrication Wow!!

    Mary Jo, N. White Plains, NY

  2. Imron cheated on you, big time. He is a good liar, please be careful.

  3. I saw and purchased a small art quilt at the Jerome Artist Cooperative. A gorgeous, intricate piece that is inspiring me to move forward with my dream of creating similar works. Well worth making the trip from Sedona to Jerome just to see Mary Jardine's work.